SoundMemory was inspired by one of the most popular memory puzzle games.  A few months ago, I was playing Memory Game  on my android phone. The goal of the the game was to match images ( boat with boat, guitar with guitar…etc.. you get the idea :) ). I quickly thought to myself: “what if I developed a similar game, but instead of matching images, why not match musical sounds (notes)!

It took me about thirty minutes to put the idea on a piece of paper.  A little after I was on my way to sketching up the game play!



  •    Main Menu – this is your first screen where you are able to either: play, see instructions, options(select level of difficulty), and credits
    Intro Screen
  • Level One (Simple)
    Level One screenshot
    Level One Screen
  • Choose Level Screen
  • Choose Level
    Level Choice 


    ….and more!